Vol. 13, no. 2  Contents

A. Bucur --
On the sixtieth birthday of Professor Ph.D. Dumitru Acu

V. Berinde --
Error Estimates for Approximating Fixed Points of Quasi Contractions

N. Popovici, M. Boncut --
On the Hopfield algorithm. Foundations and examples

S.S. Dragomir --
Gruss Type Inequalities for Forward Difference of Vectors in Inner Product Spaces

H. Begehr --
Dirichlet Problems for the Biharmonic Equation

K. Ochiai, S. Owa, M. Acu --
Applications of Jack's Lemma for Certain Subclasses of Analytic Functions

V. Gupta, A. Lupas --
Direct Results for Mixed Beta-Szasz Type Operators

J. Pecaric, A. Vukelic --
Estimations of the Error of Two-point Formula via Pre-Gruss Inequality

M. S. Mahadeva, H. S. Madhusudhan --
Some Explicit Values for Ratios of Theta-functions

C. P. Cheng --
Proof of the Best Bounds in Wallis Inequality

D. Andrica, Gh. M. Tudor --
Some Diophantine Equations of the Form ax^2+ pxy+ by^2= z^{k^{n}}

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