Vol. 4,no. 1  Contents

Dumitru Acu -- Nicolae Teodorescu (1908-2000). Centenary of birth

Lucian Vinţan -- Form conditioned skippings prediction to a fundamental question: What stochastic is?

Silviu Crăciunaş -- Mathematical Analysis Theorems - II (Borel - Lebesgue Theorem)

Laura Paşcalău -- Generalization for some problems in Mathematical Gazette

Daniela Velicu -- On some integrals

Ana Maria Orzea-Şerban -- A book of mathematics in Romanian from year 1865

J.Lopez Bonilla, A. Lucas Bravo -- A note on the finite Taylor series applied in Laguerre polynomials

Doriana Dorca -- On a series of real numbers

Codruţa Pumnea, Amada Nicoară -- On a diophantine equation of a^x+b^y=z^2 type

Amelia Bucur -- Nature - the oldest mathematician